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About the Columbus Commitment

The Columbus Commitment is a voluntary, employer-led initiative to close the gender wage gap in Columbus.


We know Columbus thrives when 100% of our residents have the opportunity to succeed. This includes promoting innovation to address gender- and race-based pay inequalities.


Inherent to Columbus’ DNA is the idea that we are all stronger when everyone prospers. It leads to uncommon collaboration in our community, with a shared aspiration for a greater good being a natural part of our local dialogue. 

In this spirit, the Columbus Women’s Commission (CWC) has led the community in a collaborative effort to achieve women’s equality in the workplace. To affect real change, they developed The Columbus Commitment, and then engaged in community outreach to the executives who would sign.


When Mayor Andrew Ginther first launched the pledge, they hoped to have 15 organizations on the stage with him to sign the pledge. More than 60 organizations signed that day. At the end of 2019, more than 250 local companies had signed the pledge, including several major corporations that represent a sizable portion of Columbus’ workforce.

The Equity Pledge is based on the ideals of the Columbus Commitment and includes steps that are accessible to members of the business event community, to affect change within their own workplace or sphere of influence.

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