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About the Columbus Women's Commission

On February 24, 2016, the Columbus Women’s Commission was announced by Mayor Andrew J. Ginther in his first State of the City Address in order to advance the economic well-being of women in our community.

First Lady Shannon Ginther is chair of the Commission.



The Columbus Women’s Commission is working to dismantle barriers and reduce gender-based inequities to improve the economic position of all women in our community.



The Commission is tasked with bringing awareness to the unique needs and challenges facing women in Columbus, and to convene, impart knowledge, catalyze, build partnerships, recommend solutions, and advocate to create change in this community, with the belief that all women should have the opportunity to succeed.

The charge of the Commission is focused around four key areas that are facing women in our community: pay equity, housing and safety, health and nutrition, and workforce development and education. 

The 18-member commission is comprised of a diverse group of leaders spanning public and private sectors and non-profit organizations. The commissioners represent diversity in age, educational background, race and personal experience. 

The commission also has four standing committees to guide the work: pay equity, affordable housing and evictions, living wage and workforce development.

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